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Hello, my name is Irma. I have a background in philosophy and curating and partly because of that, my interests change every five minutes, I have a swarm of bees permanently in my mind and a big disdain for the disdain towards critical thinking. If I could ask for one thing out of the humans in the world it would be something in the lines of "please take some time to actually think before jumping into the hating wagon"

After my Masters, I developed a skill for researching the depths of the library catalogues. When I look for obscure papers I feel the rush of a movie hacker who types at an unrealistic speed. I am also passionate, critical and obstinate (really, a joy to be around). So I thought I'd stop bothering my friends in WhatsApp and start bothering the general population. You're welcome.

My intention here is no more and no less that to give you a piece of the rush I feel when I encounter a topic that I love. I want to infect you with my passion for things that some people consider dull. I want to make you feel like a superhero because you will read, understand and relate this content to your life or interests. Ultimately, what I want is to bring out the philosopher that lives inside each and every one of us. 

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